What's this Master Plan stuff?

I ask a group of people do you like apples or oranges better?
  • 60 answer apples
  • 40 answer oranges
Does this mean that no one likes bananas?

The Master Plan Advisory Committee, also known as Master Plan Steering Committee, formulated the questions and the presentation for the public to weigh in on.

This was an actual question.
  • Create a new base zoning district for the Downtown North Andover that is consistent with the goals of the Master Plan and encourages and incentives reinvestment?
People could choose: Agree, Somewhat Agree, Mixed Feelings, Somewhat Disagree, Disagree and write individual post it note comments.

The phrasing of the question sounds good doesn’t it? Sure, let’s agree. Does it mean develop a load of high-density housing all in one neighborhood in the matter of a few years? We didn’t take that course of action away from that question OR the Master Plan as a whole, so why is it being used to justify this new growth?

How many people realized these plans would now be presented as “blueprints” to justify rapid development in one area of town? Were there any price tags or pros and cons assigned to any of the wish list items?

Were you ever asked a direct up or down vote regarding housing? Even if you were, do you have a right to change your mind? This is why we vote every year on items because conditions change.

This is exactly why the Legislative Branch of our Town Government [Town Meeting] is the check and balance to the Executive Branch. This is why we have Town Meeting.