One of the most common pieces of misinformation being spread about this project is the idea that, “If we don’t pass this, they will just build anyway using 40B!” This is completely and utterly false.

Chapter 40B comprehensive permits only apply to residential development. If the developer tried to move forward with 40B, they would not be able to include any of the planned commercial, retail, or office spaces or the proposed hotel.

Chapter 40B imposes limits on the size of projects based upon the size of the host community. The maximum size of a 40B project in North Andover is 300 units.

North Andover currently only needs 200 units to reach our 10% SHI “subsidized housing inventory” requirement.

The ECONOMICS just wouldn't work!  

Size limits mean that any 40B that would be built on the Royal Crest site would be SIGNIFICANTLY LESS DENSE than the current Royal Crest apartments.

No project of the size and scope of the current proposal can be forced upon North Andover without the consent and approval of Town Meeting!