If we vote NO, Merrimack College will simply build the proposed dorm on their own campus. The Planning Board was already shown the plans.

  • Merrimack College is UNABLE to purchase Royal Crest in its entirety. It is far beyond their means. The property is valued well above the entirety of Merrimack College’s endowment.
  • The proposed redevelopment would break up the property and make it far easier for the College to add piecemeal to their campus over time. This would take those properties off the tax rolls and lead to less revenue.
  • Even if they could buy Royal Crest outright, Merrimack cold not use the Dover Amendment to redevelop the property. The Dover Amendment only applies to buildings used for academic related purposes only.  This threat is a scare tactic.
  • Dover Amendment still allows the Town to require a site plan review from Merrimack and the imposition of reasonable regulations concerning: Bulk, Height of Structures, Yard Sizes, Lot Area, Setbacks, Open Space, Parking, and building Coverage.

Dover Amendment does NOT give them free reign to redevelop Royal Crest.