Environmental Impacts - it's not all positive image
Proposal will increase weekday traffic three-fold and weekend traffic will increase six times what it is now.

The increased vehicle trips and the increased time sitting in traffic will mean significantly more vehicle emissions and have a negative impact on the local environment.

Impervious areas (i.e., pavement) will increase by 7 Acres, while open space is decreasing by 8 acres. You typically want to see an increase in open space and a reduction of impervious area when you are giving waivers for height and density.

The developer program summary indicates sewer discharge will go from 141,240 gallons per day to 286,328 gallons per day, 53 million gallons a year, a 100% increase.

Increase in water consumption of 53 million Gallons per year which is a FOUR percent increase in the entire Town’s 2021 usage of 1,255 million gallons a year. The town’s water study report projected only 26 MGY for all the new uses but the developer’s own wastewater figures project a 100% increase.