The Truth Behind Royal Crest

17 Feb

Read this article and decide if the Town will have more or less control if Merrimack College dorms are built at Royal Crest!  Trinity Financial has touted in development meetings that with RA's there will be more control in the new dorms.  Evidently students feel differently, even associating living at Royal Crest now to being in jail as compared to campus dorms.  Sounds like there will be a lot more freedom when Merrimack College takes over.  

It is apparent the Town and community will have less control when they transfer ownership and control.  Will North Andover PD even be able to help abutters when the dorms are owned by Merrimack College?  

What could go wrong with a ten fold increase in students on site and crossing the highway?  

“Wish Merrimack gave me an orange jumpsuit when I signed the contract to live here,” said Sullivan in response to hearing all the rule differences at Royal Crest versus living on-campus at Merrimack. “On campus, you are surrounded by your peers. A majority of the time, you have similar schedules and can enjoy the late night hours.”

At Royal Crest, the noise complaint process is handled differently. “If the Royal Crest (resident advisor) has an issue in a Merrimack College-supplied apartment, we are called and respond. If a non-student has an issue, they call 911 and North Andover Police has a list of Merrimack College leased apartments and call us to respond if it one of our apartments involved. We are invited into their jurisdiction at that point,” said DelGreco