Take a Pause on Multi Family Housing

25 Feb

Earlier today Joe Finn, who is running for Select Board, introduced a plan to bring a citizen's petition for a housing moratorium before North Andover's Town Meeting. You can view his announcement here: https://finnfornorthandover.com/development-moratorium

We enthusiastically support the petition and ask any other candidates who support this to take a stand and sign on.

For the past few years, multi family housing has been a discussion in North Andover. Every time we turn around there are hundreds of units being built. Where are the small single family homes most residents would love to live in? Where are the affordable housing units? How many rental units do we need?

The density and volume of these multi families are not necessarily about need or what's best for the town, it's about maximizing profit for developers. Maybe, if we take a pause we can find a way to build affordable homes for our seniors, small single family homes for our children starting out and affordable housing that works for everyone. 

Download, read and email out to your friends and family our bulletin on the housing pause. 

This is achievable but we need help!  
If you support the pause, sign up for updates and how to help.

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