Ensuring the health of our Lake is of utmost importance!

27 Feb

"Lake Cochichewick is a critical natural resource, recreation amenity, and the source of North Andover's drinking water. Ensuring the health of the lake and watershed are of utmost importance to continuing residents’ quality of life." 

We've had drought conditions impact two out of the last five years.  Amazon hasn't been built or brought online.  We have significant vacancies in existing retail and commercial space.  Almost a thousand units are empty or will be built in the next few years.  We have unknown expansion plans with Merrimack College  in addition to the current proposal. 

Salem, NH is looking at installing a multi-million dollar pipeline.  "Salem says its local water source, Canobie Lake, can't keep up with demand as population increases and availability of uncontaminated wells decreases. "

How much additional water usage can Lake Cochichewick handle?  Is it worth the risk? What are the alternatives if we stress the lake and eco systems?  It's time for a housing pause!

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